Dress Up Podcast

Let’s Talk Games #9: Dress up with Tyu

Today I’m sitting down with Game Dev Tyu to talk about dressing up in games. After her highly entertaining talk at Talk and Play last December, I really wanted to get her on the show and dive deeper into games that are rarely talked about. As someone who loves roleplaying myself, the act of customising a character to my liking is pretty important to me. So it was an absolute joy to talk with someone who is an expert on the matter. I hope you’ll enjoy our dress-up podcast.

If you liked the Podcast I highly recommend checking out Tyus website. There you can find a ton of resources and links to the games we talked about.

Her Twitter is also well worth a look: @__Tyu

Wanna hear more game dev stories? Check out this podcast with Isaac Ashdown.

Our intro music is as always by Gary Butterfield www.duckfeed.tv

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